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Rockboat Marine

Rediscovering a love of the sea

Rob Stevens’ love for the sea and boats was inherited. Though it took a bit of time to filter down.

“My father was always into boating and fishing but back then I wasn’t so much,” Rob says.

After his father died some 9 years ago, Rob, who is Auckland-based, got a place at the beach in the Coromandel and rediscovered his father’s passion.

He bought a boat which he uses for fishing with mates and trips with the family. Rob says the boat has; “brought back memories” of his younger days.

Rob’s boat is tidy by anyone’s standards (actually it’s very smart) and Rob is keen to keep it that way, as the environment around it is fairly harsh. “It’s not right on the beach but there’s salt in the air.”

Rob says he did some research after his first cover gave-up; “It’d deteriorated pretty quickly.”

As the boat can’t be stored in a garage, the boat cover, and motor cover, serve both to protect and to add a level of security.

It was at that point he got in touch with Tony at The Cover Shop.

Initially convinced by the practicality and price point, it’s a purchase Rob definitely thinks was worth it.

Rob says service was very proactive. He was kept up-to-date with a bit of a delay on delivery so he knew exactly what was happening. “Tony also gave me advice on how to measure it up and fit the cover. Couldn’t fault him.”

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