Pot haulers – no back-breaking work.

We all love crays and crabs, so removing that extra bit of effort that goes into bringing them home makes really good sense. Especially when there’s a bob or two off! Our pot haulers are one of those things you’ll buy and say "why didn't I get one years ago?”.

They’re expertly designed to put their backs into it, completely taking the strain off yours. The powerful motor removes all the hard work from lifting cray, crab pots or net lines and helps extend the number of years you’ll be out there enjoying your catch by heaps.

There can be times when no one else is around to share the great experience. That’s when the pot hauler comes in: You can do it yourself. And, as a bonus, you won’t be hanging over the side, head down, with that feeling of a bit of sea sickness coming on.

 All considered, the pot haulers are a good, solid purchase that’ll help keep you, your friends and family in crays, crabs, and line fish for generations to come.

Pot Haulers

Pot hauler with grunt. The Stressfree heavy duty pot hauler has been designed to handle a tough workout....
Pot hauler/ net hauler. Our pot haulers are one of those items you will buy and say "why...