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Rockboat Marine

Japan trip – out. Cruising around New Zealand – in.

Covid 19 has had some unexpected consequences.

Not too long ago, social influencer @motornature, (you can check out his pictures on Instagram), and his partner were booked on a snowboarding holiday in Japan. It’s now been postponed for a bit, due to border closures.

On the positive side, it opened the way for him to fulfil a lifetime dream thanks to Rockboat Marine.

The motorbike enthusiast and former journalist and tour guide says he always wanted to get out on the water. “This is the first step”, he said. “‘I’m the captain now’! he says quoting the line from biographical drama-thriller film “Captain Phillips” which he urges everyone to watch.

“Tony’s price point was one I could afford. Literally, I’m not just watching the ocean, I’m not just one of the crowd. I’m out there in it, doing it.”

He says his new Rockboat Marine 330 inflatable can seat three people easily and he is eagerly planning future adventures, beginning with the waters around the Abel Tasman National Park. “It’ll be fantastic!” Lake Coleridge, Lake Lyndon and Lake Wakatipu are also on his boating “to do” list. Having lived and worked in Queenstown for some years, he’s keen to experience the area from a whole new perspective.

Definitely for “exploring” with, rather than fishing, the boat was out on the water within 24 hours of purchase and it’s new owner couldn’t be happier with his purchase and the opportunities it opens-up. “A motorbike takes you so far…then you can jump on the inflatable, it’s just magic!

“Kiwis are looking to enjoy the pleasures of life now and spending money on things they’ve always wanted to do.”

Japan will just have to wait.


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