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Rockboat Marine

In search of a quiet(er) life.

Nick Rosewarne has always been around boats. He remembers his first – a Canadian canoe. “Family and friends also had jetboats and we’d go up and down all the rivers around Canterbury.”

Over the years, he has owned little runabouts and, later, a 16-foot cabin boat. But with family growing-up, he decided to save on time, space, and fuel. After some research, he chose a Sport 300 from Rockboat Marine. “I tend to research fairly heavily, and I read the reviews, which mentioned how well constructed they are.”

Nick says the inflatable is less hassle and more flexible than his previous boats. “I wanted something light and portable. At the end of the day, all I need to do is hose it down and fold it up.”

“It’s ideal for me.”

He says for a “bit of fishing and adventuring” his larger boat, while great when his family were involved in water sports, had increasingly felt like it was “a bit of overkill”.

Meantime, the pleasures of the Lyttleton and Akaroa Harbours, and Lakes Coleridge, Aviemore and Benmore continue to beckon, along with the opportunities to finesse the art of fresh water fishing in the lakes. Nick plans to get two rod holders soon with a view to trolling up and down the lakes in an attempt to lure the rainbow and brown trout.

It’s not all about the hunt however. Nick also enjoys the freedom of being able to; “chuck a picnic in the boat and take-off.” Akaroa Harbour is a favourite and he says, in general he’s always been fairly lucky with the weather there. At the same time, he appreciates the inflatable’s great adaptability when it comes to getting it into and out of the water. “It’s a nice set-up and I can land and launch it from almost anywhere.”

Nick says his experience of Rockboat Marine was “excellent”. “Tony’s a great guy and very knowledgeable.” Nick says Tony also gave him some helpful pointers about inflating the boat for the first time. “I’d definitely buy off them again.”

Inflatable Boat Sport 300


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