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Rockboat Marine

Inflatable boats: So easy, kids can do it!

Dedicated Hawkes Bay farmer Mathew Barham still answers the call of the sea and the lure of stunning Opito Bay. “It’s a safe launching beach and good for kids.”

While Mathew has had a couple of other boats including a Senator 690, his Rockboat was a new experience. “I’d never had an inflatable. But it’s nice and simple.”

So simple, it turns out that his sons (13 and 11) put it together for the first time with only a minimum of help. “They figured it out and three-quarters did it themselves.”

The boys enjoy the boat while staying within defined parental guidelines. “It’s always safety first” Mathew says, and the boys know what the limits are; “Never beyond the points (of the bay)”.

Mathew says the stability of the boat was also important, and it’s certainly measured-up. “It’s sensible and great to do everything with. It’s been ideal.”

Fishing, snorkelling and diving for scallops are always on the cards, with the boys following Mathew’s guide flags from the boat when he’s diving.

It’s a third generation tradition. Mathew’s grandfather and father also had boats and he’s pleased to be passing it on to the next generation.”

Mathew says Rockboat Marine were stress-free to deal with right from the time of the first quote and Tony was always available to answer questions. “He also sourced the motor and there was great follow-up. He made everything easy.”

 Putting a Rockboat Inflatable together.

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