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I should’ve done this a long time ago!

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) isn’t an issue for Hawkes Bay-based James Cooper any more. Since buying his 390 inflatable boat from Rockboat Marine, he says it’s his mates who are jealous.

While he’d “dabbled” in boating before, James says his inflatable boat has been a great introduction and he wishes he’d done it two or three years earlier. “I used to be fishing from the shore and I’d see people out there in boats and think; I wish that was me. I should’ve done this a long time ago.”

James who bought his boat, along with a rod holder, storage bag, and outboard safety cable, has already been out fishing with a friend. (For the record, James is a very honest fisherman. He says, the friend caught his first fish, while James returned empty handed.) James found the boat handled the conditions comfortably fishing around the coast and he always felt “super safe”.

He’s also taken his kids out, creating lasting memories for the children aged 14 and 12 and James is already looking forward to the time, when they’re grown up and will want to borrow the boat themselves. James’ inflatable adventures have taken him and his family to stunning, nearby Mahia, and also to Lake Rotoiti, for a week’s camping.

James definitely didn’t want a boat that would just sit in his driveway when not in use. “This is easy and portable. You just chuck it in the car or on a trailer and it’s inflated and ready to go in 20 minutes.”

He says the wheels on the back mean it can just be pulled-up on the beach and can be easily launched by one or two people.

James found Rockboat Marine when he was searching the web. “It looked really good and I saw the testimonials; that made a difference. Tony was really good to deal with and the ordering was super-quick. When I talk to people about the boat they say; ‘I’ve always wanted one of those,’ so, I tell them to go to the Rockboat website!”

Photo Caption: Maggie, Harry, and James Cooper enjoying their new boat at Lake Rotoiti.


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