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Adrian’s sashimi and fish recipes

Adrian’s sashimi

“I find the key to having a good sashimi fish is to leave it a day or two so the flesh tightens a bit. I think in Japan they age it for about a week, it’s not the freshest that is the best. Also we have a gas torch which I sear the skin side with, which makes it very nice.”


Herb, spice and lime baked fish

“Our baked fish recipe is pretty simple. We use cumin, a little bit of thyme, a touch of smoked paprika and lime juice plus zest and some canola oil. Put in a bowl all together and mix up, then rub thoroughly into the fish and bake whole in the oven. We cook it whole, just need to scale it first. We find it is heaps easier and quicker, plus you get a lot more out of the fish.”


 Apple and hickory smoked fish

“Another thing I found was that smoked kahawai always tasted the same no matter who cooked it. That’s because everyone uses manuka chips for smoking. I, generally, use a mix of apple and hickory, more apple than hickory, and it adds a whole new dimension to it.”


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